domingo, 29 de diciembre de 2013

Menú del dia

La convocatoria de Hal McGee decía:

"- Email me and tell me your postal address.

- I will mail to you one 30-minute microcassette.

- Fill up the microcassette with absolutely any sounds that you want but please make it exclusive to this project - use your imagination!

- Decorate the tape, its case and the insert in any way that you want.

- Mail the recorded microcassette, its case and insert back to me.

- I will publish the audio from your microcassette and pictures of its cover art in a special online collection.

- I will collect, archive and catalog all microcassettes received and will proudly display them in my home.

Please use the 2.4 cm tape speed setting on your recorder! This is standard microcassette speed - not half-speed.

Please do not send a microcassette that contains racist or homophobic sounds or images.

Tell your friends who might be interested in participating."

Aquí os dejo mi aportación: